kate & eugene // chicago, il

this day was the best labor of love I have seen in a long time.

Kate and Eugene celebrated their wedding at their home, a three story flat in Chicago that has been in Kates family for generations. with epic rain on the days leading up to the wedding, Eugene and family and friends built an entire platform for their guests to have dinner on and were shoveling and prepping just minutes before guests arrived! Kate and Eugene wore their favorites, Vans and Pumas and glitter and all. after the ceremony, everyone paraded around the block, lead by a brass band, cheering and waving and crying all the happy tears. this glorious day was capped off with pie served by Eugene and Kate, such a kind and generous moment.

if your wedding doesnt reflect who you are as a couple, youre doing it wrong. follow Kate and Eugenes lead and make it the best damn version of a wedding you could dream of.