what do I have to say about 2020? what haven’t you heard already about this past year?

it was hard, strange, shocking, inspiring, intimate, quiet, grounding, humbling, challenging, and nerve-wracking, to name just a few feelings.

before 2020, I thought I was good at my job because I have always prioritized people and the people they love. I have always joined in the celebrations, the dance floors, the toasts, the tears. I have always looked for the candid, the real, the moments that are fleeting.

2020 forced me to look even harder at those things. challenged me to be my best when really I felt at my worst. asked me to honor moments that now had become privy to only a handful of people.

I am always thankful for each year of photography, but I am filled with gratitude beyond measure for this particular year that slowed me down and asked me for even more flexibility. I am grateful that 2020 gave me the opportunity to do more sessions in Chicago (without constant travel) and I see my city in new ways. even more so, I am grateful to every person that trusted me to still document their lives with the utmost joy and interest, even if the plan changed three or four or five times.

but hey, I am also glad to say goodbye to 2020 and am praying for a better 2021, filled with hope, health, and active change.

here’s to 2020, you were a helluva year!